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Discover Liberia’s rich plant and animal life and diverse ecosystems, and learn about the efforts and projects that are conserving the country’s beautiful environment! This resource combines information: reports and photos, from projects, organisations or individuals, and regions of the country in one place, and makes it available to all.
New species of plants, animals, and fungi are still being discovered in the country. Recent discoveries here!Animal life lib home
Here, conservation students and enthusiasts and conservationists who want to learn more about the plant and animal life of Liberia can do so. Do you want to know about local forestry and conservation resources and  legislation, or endemic and regional protected species? All of this information and more is available here!Nimba C Hodgkinson (11)
Explore the ‘Plant Atlas of Liberia‘, set up through hard work by various botanists… search to find species entries, tree type, and the range and distribution across the country. Find out how to apply to volunteer or to conduct research at the Sapo Conservation Centre, or just check out what sort of research is being conducted there!
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Learn about protected areas, the status of proposed protected areas, conservation projects. Liberia has many diverse ecosystems, which include the largest remaining area of the Upper Guinea forest. Visit the forests that spread across Sinoe and Grand Gedeh. True to the country’s annual rainfall of 180 inches per year, these forests are rich wetland forest. Come and see the estuary lake and mangrove swamps in Grand Cape Mount, and the mountains of Nimba where dedicated conservation professionals, are working toward the preservation and sustainable use of habitat and resources for the future of people and wildlife. Learn how you can contribute!
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It is our hope that this site will serve to educate budding conservationists, national and international researchers and volunteers, and those with any interest in the subject on the fauna and flora of Liberia. Enquiries welcome.