How We Work

In working to realise FFI’s vision of a sustainable future for the planet where biodiversity is conserved effectively by the people who live closest to it, supported by the global community, we ensure that all our projects adhere to a set of core principles.

We work with partners ranging from local community organisations and NGOs to small-scale enterprises, larger businesses and government agencies to develop locally owned and sustainable conservation programmes. We believe this approach is more likely to result in appropriate solutions, elicit local support and ensure long-term effectiveness.

Our conservation solutions seek to enhance human well-being. We respect and promote human rights and cultural values, as well as supporting governance systems that benefit both people and biodiversity. We see conservation as a social process, with people at its heart, and we actively engage with the communities (including indigenous peoples) who live closest to threatened species and habitats.

By working with communities to develop sustainable livelihoods and appropriate governance mechanisms alongside practical solutions to conservation problems, we help to ensure local support for – and ownership of – conservation activities, thereby increasing the probability of long-term success.

Our Vision

To conserve the environment by protecting biodiversity for the benefit of the public through globally applicable solutions that are effective locally.

Our Vision

To advance the awareness and education of all sectors of society around the world in the conservation and protection of biodiversity.

  • Ambition one: Thriving species.
  • Ambition two: Resilient Ecosystems.
  • Ambition three: Locally led conservation
  • Ambition four: Influencing others
  • Ambition five: Increasing visibility
  • Ambition six: Investing in our people
  • Ambition seven: Securing the resources we need

Endangered Species


Pygmy Hippopotamus




Don't decrease there goal. Increase the effort!

– Fauna & Flora Team –

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