Discover Liberia’s rich plant and animal life, and the efforts and projects that are conserving it! This is a resource that combines information, reports, photos, and news from all projects, organizations or individuals, and regions of the country in one place, available to all.

Here, conservation students and enthusiasts and conservationists who want to learn more about the plant and animal life of Liberia can do so. Want to know about conservation resources, national legislature, or endemic and protected species? All of this information and much more is available here!

Find information here on how to apply to volunteer or conduct research at the Sapo Conservation Centre, or just check out what sort of research is being conducted there!
Explore the ‘Tree Atlas of Liberia’, set up through hard work by various botanists… search to find species entries, or use the list on the right if viewing on a computer screen.
Learn about the various protected areas of Liberia and what is being done there.

We hope that this site will serve budding conservationists, national and international researchers and those with a particular interest in the fauna and flora of Liberia.