Liberia's diverse flora reflects the range of ecosystems found in the country, from the mangrove forests on the coast, to areas of savana, non-forested swampland, open grassland and globally important forest and wetland habitats. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated botanist, new species are still being discovered in Liberia and in the West Africa region as a whole.
The West African Forest which lies across northern Liberia was named as one of the 34 most biologically rich terrestrial ecoregions of the globe. Despite extensive logging, forest still covers 40% of Liberia. Evergreen vegetation dominates in the south and central areas of the country where the climate is wetter and semi-deciduous vegetation dominates in the drier areas to the north-west. A small area of Montane forest also occurs in the Nimba mountain range in the north east.

Explore the pages below to find examples of the flora unique to West Africa and Liberia. The Tree Atlas of Liberia contains information on all of the tree species found in Liberia and its surrounding regions. A manual for collecting tree data is also available for download.