There are a number of open-access training resources available on the internet for those interested in conservation.

Conservation Training is an open and free learning community that offers conservation-based training materials from The Nature Conservancy and their partner organizations. A wide range of online courses are offered for free, including Biodiversity Valuation, Protected Areas, Conservation Management, GIS and an introductory course on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD). Click here for more details.

The Conservation Leadership Programme has published several conservation manuals, including The Conservation Project Manual, Expedition Field Techniques – Bird Surveys, Guidelines on writing an Abstract for an Article, Proposal, and A Quick Reference Guide for Writing Good Questions, Hypotheses and Methods for Conservation Projects. Click here for more details.

The Tropical Biology Association have published two manuals aimed at increasing skills in writing articles for publication and raising funds for priority conservation projects. These can be downloaded here

The Cambridge Conservation Initiative have launched a teaching-materials website that provides free training factsheets on 10 prioritised topics, targeted at early- to mid- career conservation practitioners. These training materials and tools not only aim to make the complex subjects of biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate change clearly understandable, but in a way that enables readers to then take this deepened knowledge forward to train others. These can be downloaded here