Liberia’s diverse landscape of mangroves, lagoons, grasslands and forests, has created a rich assemblage of wildlife that has attracted international conservation interest for decades.

The West African Forest that lies across northern Liberia has been named as one of the 34 most biologically rich and endangered terrestrial ecoregions of the globe. Endemic and Important Bird Areas such as the Sapo National Park and Wetlands of International Importance, such as Lake Piso are also found in Liberia. The Upper Guinea Rivers and Streams WWF Global 200 site which straddles the borders of Liberia, is recognised as a critical region for freshwater conservation.

Liberia’s wildlife is a huge asset for the country’s population, providing livelihoods, fuel wood, clean water and food for a large proportion of the population. Sadly, growing pressures on Liberia’s natural resources have caused degradation of habitats and loss of wildlife.

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