West African Manatee

West African Manatee Trichechus senegalensis The West African Manatee is thought to occur in some of the major estuarine and river systems of Liberia and has been reported at Lake Piso. IUCN Red List status: Vulnerable [1](updated on 10/02/11) Liberian Status: None [2] […]

Pygmy Hippopotamus

Pygmy Hippopotamus Choeropsis liberiensis var. Hexaprotodon liberiensis The Pygmy Hippo is very elusive. With the use of camera traps, it has been confirmed that the species still survives, despite extensive loss of habitat. IUCN Red List status: Endangered [1] (updated on 03.02.11) […]

Carel Jongkind

Carel Jongkind Carel C.H. Jongkind has been actively researching the plants of West and Central tropical Africa for more than 20 years, with a particular focus on the lianas or woody climbers. At the moment the forests of Liberia, a biodiversity hotspot area within Upper Guinea, […]

Lex Voorhoeve

Lex Voorhoeve Voorhoeve has studied the plants of Liberia for over 50 years, joining the staff of the then College of Forestry of the University of Liberia in 1960 to teach botany. The same year he also served as the tree expert for a German Forestry Mission […]

David Kwewon

David Kwewon David Kwewon was born in Zuole, Gio County, Liberia. He possessed an amazing knowledge of the forest and was a major contributor to both Kunkels ‘The Trees of Liberia’ and Voorhoeves ‘Liberian High Forest Trees’. For many years David worked for the University of […]

Philip Robinson

Philip Robinson Philip Robinson has been working to monitor and protect the wildlife of Liberia for the past 44 years, including playing an instrumental role in the establishment of Sapo, Liberias only national park, which was created in 1983. Philip Robinson conducted a survey on the […]

Aminata Bundu

Aminata Bundu Aminata’s interests include environmental education, community rainforest conservation, mitigation of human-wildlife conflict, conservation policy and animal welfare. She is currently working in Sierra Leone with Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society (SLAWS). Aminata Bundu recently completed a four week internship with […]