Volunteering at SCC

  Volunteering at SCC Both long- and short- term volunteering opportunities exist at SCC for national and international applicants. At this initial stage the work of volunteers are vital to the growth of the Centre. Volunteers are needed to help with coordinating the yearly bio-monitoring survey and to conduct trainings on community livelihood alternatives, particularly […]

Information for researchers

Information for researchers If you are interested in conducting your research at SCC, please do get in touch with the Center Manager if you have any questions (although also see our FAQ page). The formal application process is detailed below. Applying for a place at SCC A research proposal (max […]

Training Opportunities

  Training is a focus of the SCC, with the intent to build conservation capacity in Liberia. There are a range of training opportunities available to national and international applicants at the Sapo Conservaiton Centre: Training of Trainers (ToT) Field Course Workshops and Seminars Bio-monitoring course Internships Volunteer

Facilities and Fees

  Facilities and Fees The research centre will provide administrative and logistical support to students and researchers conducting research in Sapo and environs. A research centre office and camp site are available to researchers. The Research Centre consists of four offices, a store room and a small auditorium where lectures and meetings may be held. […]


Who can come to Sapo Conservation Centre? Researchers, students, Conservation professionals, school groups, research groups etc…  Do volunteers get training? Yes. Volunteers participate in tasks and workshops at the SCC and learn from practical as well as theoretical examples. How do I apply to the SCC? Email scc@fauna-flora.org with your details, i.e. what ado you want […]

Geography and climate

Geography and climate Liberia lies on the west coast of Africa between Sierra Leone and Côte d’Ivoire with the north east area of the country bordering with Guinea. The diversity of topographic and climatic conditions in Liberia has generated a mosaic of habitat types which support a high diversity of […]


Threats The major threats faced by Liberia’s wildlife are similar to those affecting other parts of West Africa. Human pressure on natural resources such as commercial logging of forest, clearance of land for agricultural and development purposes and mining activities, has caused considerable pressure on wildlife in the region. […]

A History of Liberian Conservation

  By Alice Ramsey and Phillip Robinson     Liberia’s wildlife has attracted conservation interest for decades. While official moves towards conservation in Liberia were undertaken by the government as early as 1938, the first conservation legislation was the Forestry Act of 1953 which provided a mechanism through which national parks and reserves could be […]

East Nimba Nature Reserve

East Nimba Nature Reserve Covering 13,569 biodiverse hectares, East Nimba Nature Reserve (ENNR) was established on October the 10th, 2003. Located in the North of Liberia, the reserve borders both Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea, and covers much of Liberias share of the Mount Nimba Mountain range. Described in the 1960’s […]