The ENNR Conservation Project

The East Nimba Nature Reserve lies within the concession of ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML), an iron ore mining company, that takes its green image very seriously and, as part of its compensation (“offset”) mechanism, supports the CMC and FDA in the long term with the management and protection of ENNR. In December 2015, a joint project, funded by AML and technically supervised by Fauna & Flora International (FFI), was launched in order to ensure the effective ENNR Management Plan Implementation. The 2-year project is designed to provide the technical support and broad capacity building required to transform ENNR in a well-managed Protected Area. Its overall aim is the successful and sustainable conservation of ENNR through improved capacity building of the CMC. The project comprises 4 main objectives:

Objective 1:  Capacity building for co-management implementation at all levels, including Work Planning & Reporting, Computer Literacy, Financial Management etc.

Objective 2:  Building critical infrastructure for CMC operations (Project Office, Transportation etc.)

Objective 3:  ENNR protection, law enforcement patrols and threat monitoring

Objective 4:  Biodiversity baseline research and long-term biomonitoring

The pictures below give an insight in the main activities that are carried out by the CMC with support of the project.


ENNR-The demarcation stone at the trinational border Setting demarcation stones at the boundary line
Singboard BB Setting up sign boards
Cleaningup BB Cleaning campaign in ENNR
Biomonitoring BBBiomonitoring data collection
Butterfly Monitoring BB Butterfly survey
Ranger Traning BBRanger training
Exif_JPEG_420 Study Tour of CMC members to attend a trans-boundary workshop in USA
Law Enforcement BB2  Law enforcement and confiscation of hunting equipment
Law Enforcement BB1 Arrest of a hunter with bushmeat
Awarness BB Awareness campaigns for local communities
Signing MOU BBEstablish transboundary collaboration with Guinean counterpart
Signing MOU BBENNR boundary line brushing and demarcation

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