Western Nimba Toad

Western Nimba Toad

Nimbaphrynoides liberiensis

Mount Nimba was recently designated an Alliance for Zero Extinction Site in part for providing the only habitat where the Critically Endangered Western Nimba toad is known to exist.

IUCN Red List status: Critically Endangered [1]
(updated on 11/02/11)

Liberian Status: ?

Geographical Range: This species is known only from the Mount Nimba region in Liberia. It presumably also occurs in adjacent parts of Guinea and perhaps also in Côte d’Ivoire, but there have not yet been any records. It is a montane species, and the type locality is at 1,290m asl.

Habitat: It is apparently a species of forest and forest edge close to savannah.

Ecology: It is a viviparous species, with the female nourishing the young internally prior to the birth of small toadlets

Threats: Habitat loss and degradation due to the mining of bauxite is the biggest threat to this species. There is probably also ongoing loss of forest due to wood extraction. The species is inherently at risk because of its small range.


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[2] Alliance for Zero Extinction. Website address: http://www.zeroextinction.org/. Accessed on 10/02/11.

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