Faunal species at Sapo National Park

There has been more fauna discovery across the globe. These discoveries have enabled us to appreciate the biological diversity of our planet. For an informative purpose, we will be discussing fauna using Liberia to be precise, Sapo National Park as a case study.

Fauna can be defined as the life of animal species that can be found within a particular environment. The national park of Liberia which is Sapo is no exception. It serves as an in-situ habitat for most animals. The below species represent some of those ones that have been seen in the park.

M2E31L88-88R391B305 M2E31L88-88R391B305


Ogilby’s duiker is an elusive species that  has a sturdy body, a covered back, overdeveloped hindquarters, and short legs. Duiker comes from an African word which means”diver”. Ecologically, it plays an important role in the forest as a seed disperser. It is one of the faunas that are of least concern.

M2E29L96-97R390B311 M2E29L96-96R390B311

Agelaste meleagrides is a terrestrial bird, of the Guineafowl family that can be found in the national park and other parts of the country. It has an uncovered red head, bare upper neck, white breast, black long tail & grayish feet. This faunal species was spotted in the exceptional biodiversity of Sapo National Park.





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