August 2018

Illegal miners cleared from Sapo National Park peacefully.
Efforts by the government of Liberia (the Forestry Development Authority and Liberia National Police) and Fauna and Flora International has resulted in the peaceful clearance of illegal miners from the Sapo National Park. Illegal miners disturb river ecosystems, which are important for many of the endangered species which the park shelters. The presence of miners in the park also invited hunters who view the community of miners as a new market for bush meat. Endangered species often suffer along with all others. Additionally, last year, a ranger was killed in a confrontation with such a group, leading to all conservation and law enforcement bodies taking them more seriously, with positive effect. Full story here.


December 2017

The two most recently gazetted protected areas have been officially launched by the Forestry Development Authority. Although these parks were gazetted in 2017 and 2016, the official launch ceremonies took place earlier this year. NGOs and GOs have been assigned to work with the FDA in each of these areas, for successful management and community relations to the benefit of all. Below are the links to the events in April and May respectively of 2018: Grebo-Krahn National Park and Gola National Forest Park