The Ramsar Convention on Wetland Management (2003) in Liberia

There are five RAMSAR wetlands in Liberia:

Lake Piso is located in Grand Cape Mount County at 06°45’N 011°13’W. Lake Piso is Liberia’s only protected RAMSAR site. The site is one of Liberia’s IBAs, and covers an area of  76,091 hectares.

Marshall Wetlands is located in Margibi County at 06°08’N 010°22’W. The site covers an area of 12,168 hectares and is comprised of three small rivers, the area has sandy and rocky shores, and further inland is a population of secondary forests and savannah woodlands. The Marshall Wetlands is perhaps known as the

Mesurado Wetlands is located in Montserrado at 06°18’N 010°45’W, and has an area of 6,760 hectares. The site is important for the protection of three mangrove species (Rhizophora harrisonii, R. mangle and Avicennia africana).

Kpatawee Wetlands  is located in Bong County at 07°07’N 009°38’W. It covers an area of 835 hectares and falls within the rainforest zone of Liberia, as a branch of the St. John River, one of the six major rivers in the country.

Gbedin Wetlands is located in Nimba County at 07°16’N 008°48’W. This 25 hectare area is largely swamp, including a man-made wetland with irrigation system that includes channels, ditches, dams and drainages.