Information for researchers

Information for researchers

If you are interested in conducting your research at SCC, please do get in touch with the Center Manager if you have any questions (although also see our FAQ page). The formal application process is detailed below.

Applying for a place at SCC

A research proposal (max 5 A4 pages) should be sent to the Centre Manager at least three months prior to the proposed starting date of the research project for approval from the SCC Steering Committee. This proposal should include the following information:

  • The aim of the study and the methods of investigation to be used
  • Timing and duration of the study,
  • Equipment provided by the researcher,
  • Equipment/facilities/personnel sought from the Centre (including local expertise and field assistants)
  • Anticipated outputs and outcomes

The researcher will be alerted within 4 weeks of submission if accommodation and other research facilities are available at the time of the proposed research project.

The Centre will provide logistical and technical support as agreed to support the agreed research topic. In turn, the researcher will be expected to:

  • Keep the centre informed if there are any significant changes in the research proposal
  • Adhere to regulations on the use of Centre facilities (provided upon request from the Centre Manager)
  • Involve a national researcher in the research project, with a view to knowledge exchange, as part of SCC’s mentor scheme
  • Submit a detailed report at the end of the research project (If the research is conducted as part of thesis research, the thesis can be submitted)

More details on regulations on use of Centre facilities and other issues may be requested from the Centre Manager Dr Mary Molokwu on

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