Who can come to Sapo Conservation Centre?
Researchers, students, Conservation professionals, school groups, research groups etc… 

Do volunteers get training?
Yes. Volunteers participate in tasks and workshops at the SCC and learn from practical as well as theoretical examples.

How do I apply to the SCC?
Email scc@fauna-flora.org with your details, i.e. what ado you want to do there: research, train, or volunteer.

I am not Liberian. Can I volunteer at the Sapo Conservation Centre?
Yes. International volunteers are welcome. An authentic experience in a Liberian rural setting awaits them.

I am a Liberian. Can I apply to do research at the Sapo Conservation Centre? 
Yes. Liberian researchers are welcome. Partnership opportunities are available if applicable.

How do I submit my picture of Liberian fauna/flora to the website? 

Email it to scc@fauna-flora.org with your name in the title line, and a description of the organism and location in the body.

As a graduating senior at a local University, what are my options at the SCC?
Internships and volunteer and training opportunities are available. Participation in ongoing projects is also a possibility.

I have a conservation-related question about Liberia that is not on the website or in these FAQs. Who do I do?
Email scc@fauna-flora.org with your question. If the answer is on the site, you may not receive a response.

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