The major threats faced by Liberia’s wildlife are similar to those affecting other parts of West Africa. Human pressure on natural resources such as commercial logging of forest, clearance of land for agricultural and development purposes and mining activities, has caused considerable pressure on wildlife in the region.

While parts of Liberia have been declared protected, evidence suggests that poaching and illegal deforestation and mining activities are still occurring in these areas. Critical habitats, such as the Upper Guinean Forests in Liberia that support a number of endangered species, are becoming fragmented. Lack of law enforcement is considered a problem, although efforts are being made to address illegal activities in some areas (news link).

Collection for the pet trade and hunting for bushmeat threatens some of the charismatic mammals found in Liberia, such as the West African Chimpanzee. Hunting is attributed to the suspected extinction of the Miss Waldron’s Red Colobus monkey, and the current decline of other species, such as the Jentink’s Duiker.

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