East Nimba Nature Reserve

East Nimba Nature Reserve

Covering 13,569 biodiverse hectares, East Nimba Nature Reserve (ENNR) was established on October the 10th, 2003. Located in the North of Liberia, the reserve borders both Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea, and covers much of Liberias share of the Mount Nimba Mountain range. Described in the 1960’s as the ‘richest forest area in Liberia’, the high density of iron ore in the area has resulted in high levels of extraction in the interceeding years, accompanied by serious environmental destruction. However, ENNR continues to protect high closed tropical forest and forms a strong hold for a number of species known to be endemic to the Nimba area, including the Nimba toad.

Threats to the considerable biodiversity in the region include on-going iron extraction in the area at a commercial scale and extraction of the reserves natural resources for both subsistance and commercial use, including bushmeat. Resource extraction in the area has resulted in the past in mountaintop removal, road construction, forest clearing and the creation of additional hunting pressure. There is also thought to be selective over-hunting of high value species in the area, including the West African Chimpanzee.

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  1. A student of the University of Liberia reading forestry.I am very greatful for the information posted on this website.A big thanks.


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