There are many training opportunities at SCC for teachers, students, professionals, and volunteers.

The Training of Trainers (ToT) program is a yearly program which was started in 2015 shortly after the completion of the SCC. This program focuses on training teachers and trainers of conservation in Liberia.

The Field course offered at SCC is a two-week learning experience that focuses on ecological sampling, bio-monitoring, and field data collection methods, using the nearby forest as a practice area. GPS usage is also covered in this course.

The Bio-monitoring course is offered on an as needed basis and focuses on the camera trapping functions of the rangers around the Sapo National Park area. The course includes a trip into the forest with the current Bio-monitoring team.

Internships are available to applicants near the completion of undergraduate degrees in forestry, conservation, biology, or any related science at institutions and universities in Liberia.

Workshops, update sessions, meetings, and seminars are often held at SCC, with representatives from the nearby FDA offices, community members and rangers attending. These gatherings often contain mini-training courses or refresher sessions for all present.


For Volunteer opportunities at the SCC, please visit the volunteer page here.