Protected Area Network

The protected area network of Liberia has grown considerably since its start in 1983 with Sapo National Park. The number of proposed areas have been growing in bursts since then, and the actual protected areas have grown at a slower pace, with 3 areas protected so far, and 13 others proposed. The gazettement of additional national parks is an essential part of Conservation initiatives in Liberia, with various NGOs and GOs working towards the approval of lobbied proposed protected area Acts.

The use of wildlife corridors in the country has been proposed as a means of  expanding the Protected Area Network of the country. Two new forested regions were recently protected in Liberia, the Gola National Forest and the Grebo-Krahn National Forest.

Image: The protected Area Network of Liberia

Protected Areas: 

Sapo National Park

East Nimba Nature Reserve

Lake Piso Multiple-Use Reserve 

Gola National Forest Park 

Grebo-Krahn National Forest Park


Proposed protected areas:


Gibi National Forest 

Gio National Forest 

Kpelle National Forest 

Krahn-Bassa National Forest 

Lorma National Forest 

North Lorma National Forest 

West Nimba National Forest


Community forests

Community forests collectively make up a fair percentage of Liberia’s forests, and while unprotected by conventional law, are sometimes protected by tradition and associated practices.