Wonegizi is located in Lofa, Liberia, and was selected as the REDD+ pilot site initiative with the consent of the neighboring communities, and after careful deliberation by forestry, natural resource, and conservation professionals in the country.
The Wonegizi community REDD+ project is a community-based approach to establish and co-manage the protected area – marking the first time that this approach has been used in Liberia. The Wonegizi project will establish a new kind of rural economy in Liberia that conserves forests for development, biodiversity and climate objectives. Effective forest protection will be rewarded under the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation mechanism (REDD+), which pays local communities for reducing carbon emissions from forests, as well as for conserving and sustainably managing forests and enhancing forest carbon stocks.

The forest is in one of the two largest blocks of the Upper Guinea Forest remaining in Liberia, in the Northwest.